United State Over the past few decades, he has been extremely lenient in antitrust enforcement, rarely blocking deals, even with competitors abroad. However, there were signs that things were changing. Yesterday, we learned that Visa and Plaid canceled their group After the Ministry of Justice He filed a lawsuit to prevent him in early November. We also learned a week ago that Shaving startup Billie will end the proposed acquisition by consumer goods giant P&G distance The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit to ban it in December.

Many, many, many other deals, of course, transcend the challenges of regulation, but even some smoke signals are enough to start sparking concerns. These new calculations even before we start looking at the quagmire of proposed antitrust reforms in Washington, DC these days, which will almost all create – on a bipartisan basis – stricter antitrust controls, particularly in critical technology and information services industries.

So what are the valuation expectations for startups these days given that one of the top exit options out there appears to be increasingly risky?