As crazy as it might sound to some, LeBron James might be the most disrespected player in NBA history. Not only does he have to deal with hearing about GOAT conversations continuously, but he also has to hear other criticisms about his game as well. One thing that has been said about James is that he’s not a scorer, according to some.

It’s tough to say what people describe as a scorer, but as everyone knows at this point, LeBron is about to become the leading scorer in NBA history and even has a chance of completing that task on Tuesday night. Although that discussion should have been put to bed many years ago, this should be the nail in the coffin.

NBA analyst Nick Wright had a few interesting things to say about James and why he’s not labeled as one of the greatest scorers ever:

“I think LeBron gets the record tonight. And I’d hope that once LeBron James literally scores more points in the regular season we’re allowed to have this conversation: Why isn’t LeBron considered one of if not the greatest scorers ever? “

James will be able to shut down all of that noise once he breaks the scoring record on either Tuesday or Thursday night if he’s going to play in both of these games. This could be one of the best moments in NBA history, and maybe now, people will start regarding him as one of the best scorers that the game has ever seen.

In the end, James has nothing left to prove to anyone in the world, but he’s undoubtedly had one of the top-two NBA careers in history. Whether people say that he’s the first- or second-best of all time, James has already solidified his legacy, and this mark would just add to it.

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