UFC Featherweight Brian Ortega He never forgot his roots, and he showed this when he surprised his dad with a brand new Gladiator Jeep. Ortega, who holds dual Mexican and American citizenship, was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents who immigrated to the United States from the Mexican state of Sonora.

“I gave him this because his truck collided when I was little,” Ortega said. “I told him that I would pay it to him. And I did. I am a man who respects my words.”

After posting the reaction video on his YouTube channel, Ortega (15-1-1) revealed that he crashed his father’s old truck when he was 17 and has been wanting to undo his mistake since. Brian came up with a detailed plan and took the job very seriously. He enlisted the help of friends, family, and even the Mariachi Squad.

“I bought my father a new truck! 12 years ago, I collected my father’s truck, and it was my dream to buy him a new truck. This guy deserves this and so much more. I love you, Dad! Thanks to everyone The team helps make it happen,” Ortega wrote about gifting His father’s new truck.

Not the first time Ortega has had a funny moment with the Mariachi group. After winning “Korean Zombie” by Chan Song JoongMariachi Party welcomed Ortega to his hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Brian Ortega completed his salvation by defeating The Korean Zombie

Brian Ortega was once a sensation in the UFC. Taking his time between fights, he jumped through the UFC featherweight ranks after six straight wins. Ortega admits that he thought he was unbeatable. But life will discipline him.

First, with a decisive defeat at His nickname was given to then-champion Max Holloway At UFC 231. Later, with a severe ACL injury prior to his highly anticipated fight against Chan Sung Jung in December 2019. Meanwhile, Ortega has also changed his coaching team.

“People think,” Oh, he lost one time and now he’s found a new team, “but there were issues that happened before with the team and I’ll never talk about it because I’m not a snitch, that’s not my style. There were relationships that had to finally break up and disappear in order for me to develop into The next version of myself, which is what I ultimately wanted, ” Ortega told UFC reporter Spencer Kate. “I paid the price for heartbreak because I lost people I had been close to for ten years.”

Ortega is back on the Octagon this year to take on “The Korean Zombie” after more than a year without a fight – and he succeeds. Merging his past misfortunes into his desire to return to the top, Ortega Showcasing a compelling performance Against a high-ranking opponent.

Posted on 03 Dec 2020, 05:42 IST