Congratulations, you are no longer Sell ​​your company for billions of dollars!

As strange as it sounds, this is the leading perspective from venture capitalists regarding Plaid, now that it has been promoted to sell to Visa. Collapsed.

The $ 5.3 billion deal It would have seen Plaid join the Plaid banking startup API with consumer payments and the credit giant Visa. But the US government Take a dim view of the dealAnd it counted Axios Reports, Plaid felt she might be worth more money in time.

TechCrunch team gathered insights from venture capitalists, analysts and Anshu Sharma, CEO of Another API start The VC is preceded to get a better view of market views on the popular breakdown.

On the venture capital side of things, most of the reviews we’ve received have been optimistic about Plaid’s chances now that Visa is no longer taking over. Amy Cheetham, For example, from Costano VenturesHe said the result was “good for the company, in the end.” She added that Blade could now see “better talent acquisition”, faster product decisions and a better final evaluation.

“They don’t have much left to build the fintech infrastructure,” Sheetham said in an email, adding that she sees “tape-scale potential” on Plaid. It is said that Stripe Capital increase with a valuation of up to $ 100 billion.

Sheetham is not alone in her bullish perspective. Niko Berandi From Approaching He wrote to TechCrunch to say that he “still wished” his company “were at the time to invest” in Plaid, adding a smiling face at the end of his letter.