Such is the case for Randy Boycher, 66, an architect in Chicago, who is planning a road trip to New Orleans via mobile phone, Ala, where he was born and lived during the first three years before his family moved north. It has not returned since then.

He said, “I don’t know if I have any memories or not.” “You don’t know until you see a place.”

He hopes to make the trip sometime next year with his wife, Janet Roderick, 58, who is a real estate agent, and any of their four adult children who would like to join them. For her, the 2020 elections, when traditionally conservative Georgia swung, made the region even more interesting.

“I’m interested to see what this new south is all about,” she said.

As more of the country gets the vaccine, some are planning epic road trips to connect with friends and family that they’ve never seen anywhere in the past year other than Zoom.

“I just want to go see friends,” said Susan Moynihan, 53, a writer in Annapolis, Maryland, who is planning a trip to the last six states she hasn’t visited in the United States as her first post-vaccination trip. . “It’s about one-on-one communication with friends and places that I want to get to know better.”

For many, 2020 has been a lost year in travel. For those with post-retirement travel goals, the urge to seize the day becomes urgent.

“If you’re my age, you want to go on these trips because you don’t know how long you’ll be able to take them,” said Brad Gray, 60, a former insurance underwriter in Vancouver, British Columbia, on his bike from Cairo to Cape Town in 2019.