“Ted Lasso” is no longer a hidden gem of television with his two Golden Globe nominations for 2021. The fictional show about a college football coach from Kansas crosses the pool to run an English Premier League club outside London in the “Best Comedy Series” race, while its star Jason Sodickis won Best Actor in a Comedy Series Award.

Keeping up with shows like Canada’s Sheets Creek is a good thing, since Ted Lasso is another hilarious comedy that feels good. Sudeikis originally played the character in TV commercials promoting NBC’s live coverage of EPL matches. Building an entire show around this was genius, as the series subtly blends American and British humor.

Also like Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso didn’t attract a large following at first, but is recommended for anyone who likes well-acted and well-written original comics, even with limited interest in any footballs. “Ted Lasso” has a 90 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has a 71 percent approval rating on Metacritic.

The American Film Institute named Ted Lasso one of the top 10 TV shows last year. Besides the two world nods, Ted Lasso has also been nominated for three Critics’ Choice Television Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Writers Guild of America Awards and a Satellite Award, with Sudeikis being honored seven times in total as Leading Actor, Co-Writer, and Co-Executive Producer.

Here’s how to enter “Ted Lasso” for the first time and watch past episodes, with the potential to watch bingefully again

What is “Ted Lasso”?

Ted Lasso’s inspiring coaching in leading the Wichita State Shockers to the Division Two National Championships in college football brought an extraordinary following – he coached AFC Richmond, a British soccer club trying to avoid relegation. He was joined on the trip by his close friend and co-trainer, Coach Bird, and also helped by the knowledgeable new equipment man, Nathan “Nate the Great” Shelley.

Lasso and his staff must not only manage players like veteran veteran Roy Kent and loaned Manchester City striker cocky Jimmy Tarte, but also the expectations of new Richmond club owner Rebecca Wilton, who acquired the team from her cheating ex-husband, Robert Manion, in a bitter divorce. Walton’s ulterior motive in employing the Lasso includes revenge on Manion.

Along the way, Lasso proves he’s much more than just a popular American with a philosophy of hockey by showing that his determination, tenderness, and effective motivational style work, even in a different sport in a different country. Other main characters include Leslie Higgins, director of football operations for Weston, and Kelly Jones, a model and social influencer with Tarte who became a branding consultant in Richmond.

How to watch “Ted Lasso”

Watch “Ted Lasso” exclusively at + Apple TVPremium, premium streaming content subscription service. All ten episodes of the completed first season are available to watch. Apple TV + can be accessed with a free 7-day trial or later, for a monthly fee of $ 4.99. If you buy a new Apple product, such as iPhone 12, it will come with a free year of Apple TV +.

Who’s on the Ted Lasso cast?

The only regular American superstar for Sudeikis is Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard. Otherwise, they are an excellent UK home group, led by West End theater star Hannah Wadingham as Rebecca. Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein pinned their roles as Jamie and Roy, respectively.

Comedian Nick Mohamed plays Nate, while Jeremy Swift, known to be the widowed butler of the Countess in Downton Abbey, plays Higgins. Juno Temple often steals her scenes as Keeley.

When Rupert Mannion is featured in a few episodes, it’s a name and a face many American viewers will recognize. His role was played by Anthony Head, also known as Robert Giles, watcher of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Andrea Anders, who co-starred with “Joy,” appears as the wife of Laso, Michelle, and also the mother of his young son. NBC’s presence is also palpable with Premier League playmaker, Arlo White, who plays himself.

How many seasons of “Ted Lasso” are outside?

“Ted Lasso” continues to grow as a surprise after the completion of the first season of 10 episodes. The second 12-episode season was ordered shortly after the pilot show and two more episodes on August 14, 2020. Last October, the show was renewed again for a third season and possibly a final.

Season 2 premiere “Ted Lasso”

Apple TV + announced the launch of the second season of “Ted Lasso” at Summer 2021. Production of the rings began on January 15th.

What is the most Ted Lasso show?

There is a return to the HBO 1980s comedy series, “1st & Ten,” in which Delta Burke plays the owner of a professional American soccer team who also gets full ownership from a divorce. Most notable was giving OJ Simpson a lead role before “The Naked Gun”. There are also elements from the 1989 classic baseball comedy “The Major League”, from wacky coaches and weird players to another tough woman taking over.

If you like thrilling sports comedy, you should love Ted Lasso. The show is also derived from several Disney sports drama films based on real-life events, but this fictional world comes with more cleverness than Schmaltz.

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Ted Lasso

1. Jason Sudeikis is awesome. If anyone still doubts his comedic genius as the “Saturday Night Live” and “Second City” youth, the role is perfect for his improvisation and writing skills.

2. Football is good too. From the British press to the local rioters, to the locker room and the stadium, Ted Lasso plays Premier League bluffs and gets lost in translation for beginners in America.

3. Good-looking, well-dressed. Tarte, Kent and their teammates match the charms of the biggest football stars around the world. Rebecca and Kelly are both charming and adorable. Lasso himself makes a white mask, jacket, khaki and red sneakers look like the pinnacle of elegance.

4. Coach Bird, Nate and Higgins. Well, that’s really three reasons, but they come together to be the most fun slides and support for Lasso Coach.

5. Lots of British slang and insults. Colored sexual language and references often prevent it from being a “family show,” but it also adds to a good time fun for a more mature audience.

6. A true friendship drama. “Ted Lasso” excels at developing all of the leading characters and makes us feel what they personally experience, high and low.

7. Sex. This is somewhat related to # 3 and # 5, but let’s also stop saying that Ted Lasso is trying to be Bridgerton.

8. A great scoundrel. Head is delightfully villain as Robert is a completely different one.

9. High production value. Writing and acting are very good, as are photography and direction. This was the case with all new scripts on Apple TV +.

10. “Football is life.” Soon you’ll say the motto of Dani Rojas, AFC import Richmond from Mexico.

How does Ted Lasso get to the best TV sports comedy ever?

When it comes to situational comedy about sports, the short-lived “Sports Night”, a show created by Aaron Sorkin starring Felicity Hoffman, Josh Charles, Peter Krause and the late Robert Guillaume, is the gold standard. But this was more than just the richness of behind the scenes to produce a live TV show similar to “SportsCenter”.

Likewise, HBO’s film Arli $$ was about a sports agent. The “league” is still great, but that was about imaginative footballers. “GLOW” and “Cobra Kai” are match-worthy on Netflix now, but they represent a fringe 80’s throwback to professional women’s wrestling and All-Valley karate, respectively.

Not since “Coach” starring Craig T. Nelson or “Evening Shade” starring the late Burt Reynolds – who both won Emmys as Best Comedian Actors – in the 1990s, has the series centered so well around a soccer coach, and his assistants. Twisted, his players and his personal life.

Lasso is heart and soul, with a side of exciting and dramatic moments. Sudeikis is adept at providing single lines that make you think and laugh out loud. He also attends acting clips to express a wide range of emotions. He owns the character and everyone feeds his energy on the screen. Supportive players and bits are not a disappointment. Although some might argue about scaling up reality through press conferences and the EPL movement, some old sports movie clicks are spinning in a surprising new way.

“Ted Lasso” gives you a little bit of everything, led by the laughter and joy you’ll get from watching it at a time when most of us still need it, whether he’s a sports fan or not. You get A-plus as one of the best reasons to access Apple TV +.