Looks like WWE may not be done with Hell in a Cell yet. According to Mike Johnson from PWIInsiderThe Hell in a Cell hull is still hanging over the ring tonight in WWE RAW.

Johnson reports that there are expectations for the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley To be shown in a match or clip inside the cell tonight on RAW.

According to reports, the plan was to do Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods one hour ago. It’s a logical move as WWE continues to build a title match between Lashley and Kofi Kingston.

Will WWE run a Hell in a Cell match tonight to satisfy USA Network?

As per why we’re having a Hell in a Cell match on WWE RAW tonight, Andrew Zarian from The Mat Men Podcast She reported that USA Network wasn’t too pleased with the fact that SmackDown got a Hell in a Cell match last Friday night.

This match could happen to please USA Network and to take away any pressure from WWE who might have been seen as favoring FOX over them.

While plans are constantly changing behind the scenes on RAW throughout the day, there’s a chance that all of this will be changed by the time the show goes live tonight.

But it’s definitely a development we’ll want to watch closely during tonight’s show.

Are you surprised we might get another Hell in a Cell match tonight on WWE RAW? Do you think Bobby Lashley could be involved? Let us know your thoughts by appearing in the comments section.

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