Puerto Rico said this week that residents 16 years of age or older will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination on Monday. After the recent increase in new coronavirus cases, the island will impose a longer night-time curfew from Friday.

Governor Pedro Pierluese said that the start of the curfew, which will last until May 9, will pass until 10 pm, starting from midnight, and will last until 5 am. statement Wednesday.

He said restaurants and businesses could continue operating 50 per cent, while bars and clubs would remain closed.

“We are witnessing a dangerous rise in cases of Covid virus, which has led to a jump in hospitalizations and deaths,” said Mr. Pierluese. “I have been very wise when it comes to reopening the door and always ready to make the necessary adjustments to prevent cases going up.”

The average number of new coronavirus cases reported daily in Puerto Rico has jumped 98 percent in the past two weeks, According to the New York Times Database.

Already struggling with the debt crisis and the consequences of hurricanes that have ravaged the island in recent years, Puerto Rico has seen only 23 percent of its total population receive at least one vaccine dose so far, bringing it close to the bottom between the U.S. states and territory.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention He said Wednesday that about 110 million people nationwide, or nearly a third of the US population, have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Earlier this week, Hawaii became the latest of 50 states to speed up its schedule to make all adults eligible for vaccination, in response to President Biden’s term. He calls upon states, territories and tribes to do so.

While The frequency of vaccinations throughout the country Reaching an average of about three million doses per day, the virus broke out in Midwest and Northeast Concerned by federal health officials.