After a busy weekend that can only be described as “interesting”, the NFL 2020 Qualifiers are now jumping straight into the division round. Not everyone was a fan of the expanded category last week, but it definitely made a complete list for DFS Managers. Depth charts for eight teams still stand, and whether you play on DraftKings, FanDuel or Yahoo, you’ll need to choose each spot on the list wisely to make some daily wins in Fantasy Football ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday February 7th.

My job, all the seventeen weeks of the regular season and now two weeks into the post-season period, is to clear the tremendous expectations on RotoQL and the sleeper pick and my favorite value selections. If you checked out this column last week, you’ll benefit from our advice to hook up the following players (all unofficial weekend pricing and fantasy point production via DraftKings):

  • Ben Roethlisberger ($ 6,100): 41.1 fantasy points
  • Drew Press ($ 5,700): 18.8
  • Nick Chubb ($ 6,700): 24.5
  • Jonathan Taylor ($ 7,900): 14.6
  • Chase Claypool ($ 5,200): 22.9
  • Marquis Brown ($ 5,400): 19.8
  • Logan Thomas ($ 4,900): 12.4

All of these players significantly outperformed their price levels, with few even leading their positions during the week. By finding such great values ​​at modest costs, DFS managers have given themselves more consistent staples elsewhere on the list.

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Let’s break down the best departmental DFS value propositions, and you can get an idea of ​​why 100,000 DFS players trust RotoQL to build squads. We constantly monitor prices and provide the latest statistics and analysis to maximize success for your squad. Improve and find valuable offers and increase your chances of winning today!

NFL DFS Divide Options: QB Symptoms, Values

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns in Kansas City Chefst (DK: $ 5,300 | FD: $ 7,400)

In one of the most shocking developments of this wild weekend, Mayfield and Browns put the hammer on the Steelers completely. In a 48-37 barnburner, Mayfield passed 263 yards and three touchdowns and finished with a 115.2 QB rating against the Steelers’ defense in first three in points, arenas and passing. The No.1 pick of 2018 has clearly taken a big step forward in its third season, and last week it proved that he can be more of a game manager in big matches against good defenses. Now he can prove himself at an even bigger stage, as he faces 2018’s Patrick Mahoms MVP of 2018 and title holders’ presidents at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City ranks 26th in Fictional Points allowed for QBs, and Arrowhead will be of limited capacity. RotoQL is doing the Mayfield project at an imaginary 15.4 point with a ceiling of 33.5 points. I think Baker has more than 20 bonus points this week and he might offer another surprise.

Drew Press, New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (DK: $ 5,600 | FD: $ 7,300)

Jokingly hint “History Channel” about this game, as the start of QBs Brees and Tom Brady will collectively turn 85 when kick-off. Breeze turns 42 on Friday and apparently put his punctured lung and 11 broken ribs in his rearview mirror. He’s averaged an incredible 18.08 points since his return in Week 15 of IR, and scored 23.68 points against The Bucs in Tampa in Week 9. Don’t tell my nerdy friends Brady in New England, but I think Brees is driving New Orleans back into the NFC Championship game For the second time in three years (and only the third time since winning the 2009 Super Bowl Saints). Think riding the Christmas boy in the battle of the statesmen.

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Divisional Round Kings, FanDuel Selections: RB Panels, Values

Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers (DK: $ 5,700 | FD: $ 7,000)

Akers led Los Angeles to an astonishing 30-20 upset on the Seahawks in Seattle last week, with the rising player scoring 176 melee yards and a point. It’s been an absolute nail since week 12, averaging 17.1 PPR per game in that period. Regardless of who starts below the center of the rams this week, Akers seems to be too much to miss at $ 5,700. Green Bay’s defense is ranked 28th in Fantasy Score allowed for RBs this season. RotoQL expected it to score 14.7 with a ceiling of 28.6 points.

Cream Hunt, Cleveland Browns of Kansas City Chiefs (DK: $ 4,800 | FD: $ 6,200)

Hunt hardly missed my list last week, letting me down after I featured him one week earlier in the no-nonsense 17th week game. He instantly scored 19.1 PPR on the wild weekend, helping Mayfield and Browns find their way on the division tour. Hunt’s dual threat talent, in a game expected to total more than 55, should pique the interest of smart DFS managers. The Chiefs are ranked 25th against RBs in Fantasy, and their defense could be rusted after sitting on some buttons in Week 17 before a first-round match of the qualifiers. Kansas City allowed the Chargers to go up 135 yards and land two on the ground at Week 17 and gave up nearly 2,000 flowing yards during the regular season. Chasing and returning Nick Chubb will be too busy, win or lose. RotoQL lists its cap at an imaginary 29 points.

High-risk, high-return selection:

Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens (DK: $ 4,500 | FD: $ 5,700)

Rookie-back Zach Moss suffered an ankle injury at the end of last season, leaving QB Josh Allen with Singletary as the footballer back. Ravens’ defense is brave but will mainly focus his attention on Allen’s high-flying pass game. There is some booming attraction here, as Singletary is able to lift some meters off the field or in game screen.

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Team Ring Duel, Picks of Draft Kings: WR beams, Values

Chris Goodwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers in New Orleans Saints (DK: $ 6,100 | FD: $ 7,500)

While Mike Evans, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski seem to be getting the most buzz in Tampa, Tom Brady’s best receiver is Goodwin. He’s a great runner, and he’s confident. With a thumb hit in mid-season now a distant memory, Goodwin averaged 23.8 PPR points over Bucs’ past three matches. He saw 28 goals from Brady in that period, including a whopping 12 goals last week in the 31-23 win over Washington. Brady should keep his new favorite vibe on the big go again this week, and Evans will likely cover his fashionable opponent Marshon Latimore.

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns of Kansas City Chiefs (DK: $ 5,600 | FD: $ 6,900)

All on board Braun! I hate to keep bringing the Cleveland players here, but I can’t look the other way from some of these prices. Landry has averaged 18.5 PPR points in the past three Browns matches and around 20 points per game for the past six. Among the Cleveland receivers, he is the undisputed leader in footage, target stake, and production. Mayfield will throw the ball early and often, and Landry will benefit again. Kansas City has good passing defense, and so has Pittsburgh in the past two weeks.

High-risk, high-return selection:

Marquise Valdez-Scantling, Green Bay Packers vs Los Angeles Rams (DK: $ 3,800 | FD: $ 5,500)

The MVS has been one of the NFL’s most boom-or-bust receivers this season, but MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers always seems to send the deep ball his way in the big matches. The Third Year Receiver scored a whopping 17.1 points in Week 17 and averaged 20.9 yards per catch over the course of the year. If you’re strapped to the pose just to the left, Valdes-Scantling might be worth buying the bargain basket.

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NFL Divisional Picks: TE, Values

Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens in the Buffalo Bills (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 6,600)

Serving as one of the few reliable tight endings in fiction, Andrews is now painting the Bills defense who has been the second most generous for the job this season. It’s been fairly quiet for the past two weeks, but its floor is still higher than anyone else at or below the price range, and it will be busy with what has to be a high-score game. Shoot him if you don’t have the dough for Travis Kelsey.

Austin Hopper, Cleveland Browns from Kansas City Chiefs (DK: $ 3,800 | FD: $ 5,500)

I know, I know – I look like I belong to Dawg Pound (and I’d be at the kennel if the Cleveland lay an egg this week). But in Cleveland’s past four matches, Hopper has scored 15.1, 14.1, 13.7 and most recently 17.6 PPR. This is a nice symmetry of a guy playing a center pretty devoid of hard buttons. Scoop Up Hop.

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NFL DFS divisional round values: D / ST beams

Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens (DK: $ 2,900 | FD: $ 4,000)

Leslie Frazier’s defense was one of the surprises in the second half of the 2020 season, and RotoQL listed it as the best value for the $ 3,000 subunits in DraftKings. Lamar Jackson and Ravens have been more foul this season than in the past, and they’ll have to throw the ball early and more often to get a chance against Josh Allen at Buffalo. I like the upside here.