Indian captain Virat Kohli Feel that playing with the pink ball in Day and night test It comes with its own set of challenges regardless of the stadium.

There was a theory floating around that the pink ball might not make much of a difference because India would prepare a way to turn around The third test at Bicycle rider.

Speaking at a hypothetical press conference ahead of the third test, Virat Kohli said it would be a mistake to assume that the pink ball will not have much impact on the Ahmedabad Test. flower:

“The pink ball tends to swing a lot more than the normal red ball we play with. We tested that in the only game we played against Bangladesh in 2019. It is very difficult to play with the new ball in the night and day test no matter what stadium you are playing on.”

Virat Kohli went on to explain that starting the tours in the evening, with the lights on, would be a stressful time for the batsmen. According to the Indian leader:

“If you start your rounds in the evening under the spotlight, one hour and a half is a huge challenge. Yes, the tournament will play a sure role but I don’t think the new ball and speed bowlers can be ignored. The pink ball brings them into the game until the ball is beautiful and shiny, which is something We are well aware of it and prepare accordingly. “

Playing under the spotlight is similar to the first session of a regular test: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli explained that playing under the spotlight is like the first session of a regular Test match because the ball tends to swing. The 32-year-old stressed that it would be important for the batsmen to make the required adjustment during this period. He further explained:

Well, the last time we saw that the first session might be the best for the racket when the sun goes down and the ball doesn’t do much, but when it starts to get dark especially during the twilight period, it becomes very difficult to change lights and it becomes very difficult to see the ball and then under the lights, It becomes like playing the first session in the morning in a regular Test match where the ball tends to swing.

“I think it’s a reversal of roles and something that you need to adjust very quickly like batsmen. Even though you may be in the afternoon, you have to be careful again and start from scratch in the evening and maybe you have to be a little more disciplined.” Cole.

Virat Kohli scored a hundred during his first daytime night test in India, against Bangladesh in Eden Gardens in November 2019. He has not exceeded three numbers in international cricket since then.

Posted on February 23, 2021, 17:56 GMT