Elizabeth’s parents divorced when she was seven years old, and her mother married Prince George of Denmark. Elizabeth was immediately sent to a boarding school. She often said that she had learned nothing there but good manners.

When she was fifteen years old, her father and her older brother passed away. Patrick Litchfield, Who was only 17 years old, inherited the family’s 17th-century property, Sugarborough Hall, In the middle of England. Elizabeth manages to manage it for Patrick.

“I had to go very fast,” she said.

With her mother away, Lady Elizabeth planned her first party, a frightening and overwhelming experience that inspired her for her work.

In 1972 she married Barony Geoffrey Shakerley in Westminster Abbey. Princess Anne was a bridesmaid. The couple separated in 2009.

Lady Elizabeth survived her daughter, Fiona Burrows. Two men, Guth and Nicholas Shakerley; And four grandchildren.

Lady Elizabeth was not immune to personal and financial setbacks. In the early 1990s, investment was made in Lloyds London, The insurance market, when the company’s losses left it and thousands of wealthy investors liable Financial crisis.

In 1993, when Ivana Trump, newly divorced from Donald J. Trump, enlisted Mrs. Elizabeth to organize a fiftieth birthday party for Mrs. Trump’s fiancé at the time, Ricardo Mazucci, and then doubled the guest list, Mrs. Trump refused to pay. The difference. The two spent years in court Lady Elizabeth fought For a refund, it’s about $ 9,000. I lost.