After Wall Street took in more positive coronavirus vaccine news and investors became more optimistic about reopening trade, Jim Kramer of CNBC on Monday unveiled a list of “return to normality” stocks.

“I think you have to buy two vaccine winners at any double, although when it comes to retail, I say just buy some time, because there’s no time to wait for the dive,”Mad moneyThe host said.

Comments come next AstraZeneca, In cooperation with the University of Oxford, earlier in the day that The candidate Covid-19 vaccine was up to 90% effective. In the prevention of infection with the disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. The third pharmaceutical company this month was to announce positive data in the vaccine study.

Stock news boosted, with Dow Jones Up nearly 328 points, or 1.1%, to 29,591.27 points. The Standard & Poor’s 500 It was raised 0.6% to 3,577.59 and Nasdaq composite, Packed with technical components, rose 0.2% to 11,880.63.

“Regardless of anything, I would have picked two or three of these names and then waited for the next bad news that scared people so that you could buy them in a weakened state,” Kramer said.

“If you just had home stay names, you were attacked today. But don’t worry, I think you’ll get another chance to catch some of these vaccine winners at lower levels.”

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Disclosure: The Cramer Philanthropy Fund owns shares in Mastercard, Honeywell International, Walt Disney, DuPont, and Boeing.


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