AB de Villiers He has praised Indian cricket fans, admitting that he cherishes the love and support he gets in the country. The South African admitted that the lack of fans in the stadiums is not an ideal scenario, given the way they have handled it over the years.

AB de Villiers is participating in its 14th and 11th season with IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The 37-year-old spoke to the media before the season opener, being asked to address his cult status as an RCB star.

“It’s very humble. It’s very special for me to have this kind of welcome when I arrive in India. I love coming here, and my family is here too this time. All three kids are joining me here so there is an extra special feeling this time.” De Villiers said.

IPL 2021 It will be the first time that teams play in India without crowds. The COVID-19 pandemic means players will have to content themselves with empty stadiums, and AB de Villiers admits that the situation is not ideal given his advanced career.

However, AB de Villiers was happy to kick off with RCB, and promised to draw fans around the world with their performances this season.

“I’m going to miss the crowds. I’m not getting younger so I hope we get the crowds back very soon. But I’m just looking forward to getting out there, playing some good cricket, having fun in the company of my teammates and doing these few extra steps and along the way. It’s a long way ahead of us. “But we will have a lot of fun and hopefully enjoy the Indian audience and people all over the world,” said de Villiers.

AB de Villiers is excited to play Glenn Maxwell

With a new star in their ranks in the form of Glenn Maxwell, many are curious to see how explosive things are going with his new team.

He’s likely to hit AB de Villiers a lot Glenn Maxwell This season, considering the duo will be a part of the RCB mid-ranking.

The South African admitted he was looking forward to cooperating with the reckless Australian.

Maxwell stated, “There is a group of talented players who have joined us. I am very excited to play alongside some players like Maxi (Maxwell) that I have followed for a few years.”

AB de Villiers had a great season last year, performing with bats and behind logs. It is unclear if he will be wearing the gloves this season, but one can expect to be at his fighting best again in 2021.

Posted on April 8, 2021, 18:18 CET