Home Work Increases Demands of Laptops and Chips

Many employees are now working from home because of coronavirus. It has increased the demand of laptops and internet services. The demand of chips has also increased. Many companies are making virtual offices in order to run their businesses smoothly.

Many firms are firing employees due to huge decrease in consumer demand. On the other hand electronics retailers and chipmakers are selling their products like hot cakes. The consumer demand of electronics has increased because people are working from home. They need laptops, batteries and cables.

Governments are advising people to stay at home. Manufacturing companies are closing. Major factories have closed. In this difficult situation the world’s largest memory chip maker South Korea and world’s largest electronic company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd are seeing 20% increase in semiconductor exports.

Americans are staying at home. Italy has banned internal travel. Corona virus has infected over 300,000 people and took 15,000 lives since China first reported the coronavirus outbreak in December 2019. In two months Corona has reached to more than 195 countries.