Chris Jericho A student with a passion for the professional wrestling business, he was a fan and then wrestled for three decades in a variety of promotions. The AEW The star has been influenced by many different people during his career, one of them being WWE President Vince McMahon.

Despite working towards a competition promotion in AEW, Chris Jericho spoke openly about his friendship with Vince McMahon, which he said: It was revealed earlier this year.

Jericho was a guest on the former WCW Star Conan Keepin it 100 Podcasts He spoke about AEW’s Le Dinner Debonair section with MJF, which received mixed reviews. The former WWE superstar said the part was, in a way, influenced by Vince McMahon and his signature on Stand Back in the late 1980s.

AEW’s Chris Jericho is influenced by Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho revealed that he was a huge fan of WWE in the 1980s, including non-wrestling clips like Vince McMahon’s signature Stand Back, which also featured Hulk Hogan on bass guitar.

I also got into wrestling with the WWF in the 1980s. Yes, we liked Andre and Hogan. Yes, we liked Steamboat and Savage. Don’t forget that Steamboat and Savage were all centered around George “The Animal” Steele, the most ridiculous character of all time There was Vince McMahon singing Stand Back with Hulk Hogan playing the bass in the background. I love these things. I always love them and Vince loves things. So, I love, let me try some things. “(H / t Wrestling News)

Chris Jericho has been responding to a question if he’s been doing a lot of comedy in AEW over the past year. He said that at this point in his career, all he wants is entertainment. He also revealed that the Le Dinner Debonair clip was MJF’s idea.

“The song-and-dance routine, I wouldn’t do that to anyone, that was MJF’s idea by the way. The guy was a childhood prodigy. He’s been singing and dancing since he was five years old.”

He said AEW wouldn’t turn to clips like this every week, but he also claimed fans would remember what they did.

Posted 21 Nov 2020, 17:51 ET