Central Banks to Offer Billions of Dollars to Tackle Financial Logjam

Central banks are offering a lot of money to markets. Banks are offering money because they don’t want markets to stop completely due to Coronavirus crisis. Many investors are worried about current economic situation. Corona outbreak is damaging modern economy very badly.

Intervention help can bring some life to markets. Markets should take help from central banks in order to bring some order in economic system. But Markets want some changes in rules and regulations to sign deals with central banks.

Investors and economists are waiting policymakers to step up. Business community wants policy makers to come up with beneficial plans and rules to protect economy. Currently many companies are losing customers and also firing workers.

U.S. Federal Reserve is backstopping an unprecedented range of credit for households, small businesses and major employers to compete with severe disruptions. Central banks are taking this bold and valuable step to guard economy in this bad situation.