Do you have what it takes to be a Startup Battlefield a hero? All you need is Killer Ground, MVP, nerves of steel, motivation and determination to stand up against all comers to claim the coveted Disrupt Cup.

If the description is right for you, Advance to compete in Startup Battlefield in a TC Disrupt 2021 On September 21-23.

The best early stage startups from around the world – from any country and industry – will compete for a $ 100,000 free stock prize fund. This is a huge boost in profits, and it also comes with global prominence, massive media interest and huge investor interest. Oh, and let’s not forget the bragging rights associated with winning the Disrupt Cup.

Here’s a quick summary of how it all works. First and foremost: Applying and participating in the Startup Battlefield is free – no fees or any capital reduction. TechCrunch’s editorial team is reviewing all the apps and will select nearly 25 notable startups to enter the TechCrunch Best Tech Show competition.

Competing Founders receive several weeks of extensive training with the Startup Battlefield Team – again for free. Presentation skills, business models, and business models will be honed and refined to perfection. You will be more than ready to actually step onto the tech world’s most iconic stage.

You will be faced with a jury consisting of venture capital leaders and you will have six minutes to present the pitch and offer. The judges will then put you in your paces with questions and answers. If you make the first cut, you will repeat the experiment in the second round with a new set of umpires. In the third round – also known as the Finals – another group of referees will hear the pitches and then declare the Startup Battlefield champion.

If you’re wondering how to play Startup Battlefield as a virtual competition, here’s a point of view that Rachael Wilcox, Creative Producer at Volvo Cars, shared with us after watching last year’s contest.

“Startup Battlefield has easily translated to the default format. You could see the excitement, enthusiasm, and potential of the young founders, and you liked it. You can also ask questions through the chat feature, and you don’t always have time for questions in a live event.”

Here’s another important aspect to the competition in Startup Battlefield. Each team receives a VIP experience in Disrupt. How do you look Global entry-level exposure – Journalists hungry to cover game-changing startups and VCs eager to expand their portfolios with the best talent.

Then there is free viewing space in the virtual show floor, access to the CrunchMatch networking platform, free tickets to future TC events and a free subscription to Extra Crunch. You’ll also receive invitations to special events – like the Startup Battlefield Reception with members of the Startup Battlefield alumni community.

This is an impressive group of 922 companies – including Vurb, Dropbox, Mint, Yammer, and many others that collectively raised $ 9.5 billion and created 117 exits. It is a rare region and an excellent opportunity for networking.

TC Disrupt 2021 From September 21 to 23, there are only two questions you need to ask yourself. are you ready? Do you have what it takes? okay then – Applies to Startup Battlefield And prepare to take your startup to a new level of success. We can wait to see you bring the heat!

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