1 passwordPassword management service that competes with the likes of LastPass And the BitWardenToday, I announce a major push that goes beyond the basics of password management to the space for managing infrastructure secrets. To do this, the company acquired a secrets management service SecretHub It is launching a new 1Password Secrets Automation service.

1Password did not disclose the price of the acquisition. According to CrunchBase, Netherlands-based SecretHub had not raised any corporate funding prior to today’s announcement.

For companies like 1Password, moving into the enterprise space, where managing corporate credentials, API tokens, keys and certificates for individual users and increasingly complex infrastructure services, is a natural step. And with the combination of 1Password and the new Secrets Automation service, companies can use a single tool that covers them from managing their employee passwords to dealing with infrastructure secrets. 1Password is currently in use by over 80,000 companies worldwide and many of them are definitely potential users of the Secrets Automation service as well.

Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1 password. “With 1 password And Secrets Automation, there is one source of truth for securing, managing and coordinating all of your business secrets. We are the first company to bring human and machine secrets together in an important and easy-to-use way. “

In addition to the acquisition and the new service, 1Password today also announced a new partnership with GitHub. “We are partnering with 1 password “Because its cross-platform solution will make life easier for developers and security teams alike,” said Dana Lawson, vice president of partner engineering and development at GitHub, the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. With the next GitHub and 1 password Secrets Automation integration, teams will be able to automate all of their infrastructure secrets, with complete peace of mind as it is safe and secure. ”